Global Associates

Marina Bild.jpeg MARINA REUCHLEN is a communications expert and cross-cultural business trainer. She supports organisations in coping with the challenges of operating globally. Having lived both in the United States and Great Britain, Marina has a keen sense of her customer's needs and is experienced in developing innovative training concepts. Together with Heike Stengel she has developed "Fit for Germany", a training programme for foreign employees in Germany.

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MAUREEN RABOTIN is a founder and CEO of Effective Global Leadership, St. Gratien, France, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She is a global executive coach and a cross-cultural training consultant and an associate faculty member in the European Master in Law & Business Ethics program at the University of Cergy Pontoise. Specializing in coaching and training high-level executives in navigating globalization and multicultural business environments, Maureen has a special interest in the study of Emotional and Cultural Intelligence. An active member of the International Consortium of Coaching Organizations (ICCO), the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR), the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the American Society of Training Development (ASTD) and mentor with the European Professional Women’s Network, Maureen has published articles in Mobility magazine (ERC publication), T&D (an ASTD publication) and Inc. as well as recorded podcasts on  


PATRICIA COMOLET is an Intercultural and Executive coach and the founder of CamComCoaching. She speaks English and French fluently and has a good working knowledge of German. Patricia’s background was in surgical nursing, where she worked globally including the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Patricia works primarily with individuals and teams on increasing success factors of high-performance in business, intercultural and personal situations. Her coaching style is very fluid, working with empathy while none-the-less challenging her clients to reach for their maximum potential by connecting with their inner motivation. She also specializes in developing Global and Virtual team dynamics using her skills developed during her challenging work experiences, combined with her coaching training. Patricia helps global teams in clarifying team dynamics and establishing concrete objectives by promoting clear communication, creative problem solving, collective intelligence and building team identity.