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W.I.N. 2009 Global Leadership Conference commences on Thursday 8 October

The W.I.N. 2009 Global Leadership Conference in Prague will be taking place this week. Jeanne Heinzer and I are delighted to have been invited to facilitate a workshop on the first day of the conference. Our topic is "From surviving to thriving: Living your best life in turbulent times". We will keep this workshop very interactive and look at the challenges of a life on the move and how to turn this challenge into an opportunity of a lifetime.


Families in Global Transition - Houston Conference

The Families in Global Transition Conference will take place from  4-6 March 2010 in Houston Texas. I had the opportunity to present at the 2009 FIGT together with Jeanne Heinzer and can warmly recommend this conference.

Due to other commitments, I won't be able to go to Houston in 2010 but some of my colleagues have submitted proposals.

Go to for more information and watch this space for news about workshop topics. 


Presenting at W.I.N. Global Leadership Conference

 Together with her associate Jeanne A. Heinzer, Heike Stengel will be faciliating a workshop at the W.I.N. Global Leadership Conference, 8-10 October, 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. The session is entitled "From Surviving to Thriving - How to Live Your Best Life in Turbulent Times". Find out more about the conference:



International Women’s Breakfast, every last Friday of the month at 9.30 am Kutschenhaus, Kapuziner, Rottweil. Mingle with residents from different cultural backgrounds.



Jeanne A. Heinzer's book “Living Your Best Life Abroad” with contributions by Heike Stengel is now available on Amazon.




A new bilingual course “Fachwirt International Business” (GA) will run from 18 September 2009 to 2 October 2010 at the Managementzentrum Villingen. Heike Stengel will teach the module International Management Studies. For more information go to


LATEST RESEARCH: Germans not so cold after all

According to a HSBC survey on Expatriate Experience, the stereotype of the cold, inhospitable German is not what expatriates experience. Germany ranks a close second behind Canada with 92% of respondents claiming that they made friends with locals. More than in any other destination, expats in Germany joined local community groups. Learning the language seems to be the secret to good integration into the local community.

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