Supporting international assignees and their partners

The results of Permits Foundation's latest International Dual Careers Survey Report 2022 are not suprising. Partners of international employees play a huge role in assignment decisions and their career considerations matter. 90% of partners worked prior to the move, less than half did so post-move. More than a quarter of respondents considered leaving the host country because of the lack of employment opportunity.
Even though the majority of companies had experienced assignments being rejected by employees, they usually did not address this issue head-on. 83% of female partners did not get an opportunity to share career concerns with their partner's company. Assignments are much more likely to be cut short or fail, if partners are unhappy about their career.
Can your company afford to lose valuable international employees when this negative scenario could be avoided?

My approach to assignment support has always been highly personalized and holistic. Every assignment is different so there can't be a standard program. Intercultural insights are an important part of an assignment training but the personal journey of those affected by an assigment is critical and should be addressed early on. As a trainer and consultant, I will share common patterns and best practices during all phases of an assignment. As a coach, I support expat families in making the best choices at any point of this exciting journey.

Let's discuss, how I can support you to make your assignment a success.