Integrating Training and Coaching

Why Integrating Training and Coaching?

In training, the trainer is the expert. He or she is called upon to share knowledge and experience. In coaching, the client is the expert. The coach encourages clients to find their own solutions, reach their full potential and to create the change they want in their life.  Both interventions have their place and purpose. Training supports coaching as it provides valuable input to make informed decisions, get inspired and have a solid basis to discover your true self. Coaching supports training as it provides a safe space to apply the learning to your specific context.

Combining training with coaching helps clients to take ownership of their development, to make sure that newly acquired knowledge is actually applied in their lives.  

Developing cross-cultural competence and leading a fulfilling life in mobility is a journey, not a one-off intervention.
We believe in supporting our clients as they identify their objectives, make choices, set boundaries and take actions throughout an assignment, a project or even a career. That’s why we suggest combining training with coaching to make sure that a mindful, culturally appropriate behaviour actually takes place. We are here for our clients throughout their development process, whenever they have questions and concerns, whenever they need to be listened to, whenever they feel they have to clarify their questions.